Heat Repair and Service

Is your heating system keeping you warm in the winter? If you’re noticing that the thermostat is up but you’re still cold, let us take a look at the problem so our experts can determine what’s wrong and how to fix it to get your house comfortable again.

When it gets cold outside, it’s extremely important to have proper heating in your home. Beantown AC offers checkups to make sure your home furnace or heating functions effectively. If you think something might be wrong with your heating system, contact us as soon as possible so we can address the problem quickly, save your appliance, and leave you to the comfort of your home.

Any of the following signs would suggest your heating unit needs to be serviced:

Louder noises than usual coming from the unit

Less air flow in the vents

Higher than average utility bills in the winter

Insufficient at keeping the home warm

If any of these or other problems are occurring with your heating unit, call us right away so we can get an expert technician to help diagnose the issue. Beantown AC has the expertise to determine all of your heating problems and find an easy solution.

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