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Comfort Plans

Beantown AC, Inc., General Terms and Conditions

Comfort Plans

This is your official agreement with Beantown AC, Inc., (BAC) and provides a detailed description of the terms and conditions of our service contracts. To get the most from your coverage, we recommend that you become familiar with this information and retain this booklet for future reference.

Important: Updates have been made to the terms and conditions of your service contracts.

Please read and retain for your records.

EFFECTIVE February 2020.



Service is limited to BAC’s current territory.
We reserve the right to refuse service based on location.


If there is more than one natural gas furnace or boiler, electric central air conditioner or water heater in the residence, a separate residential service contract must be purchased for each unit you want covered.

If there is more than one of the same appliance and only one contract for that appliance type, the contract will apply to the equipment servicing the first floor or main living area.


Your initial coverage officially takes effect immediately upon the completion of the tune-up. The contract will end one year from the effective date.  BAC will notify you by email of your effective date. Contracts will renew automatically at the end of each one-year period.


You may cancel your service contracts at any time for any reason. To cancel, please notify Customer Services at 508-830-1230.

Refunds will only be given if you cancel within the first 30 days of coverage and you have not had a service call or tune-up. If you cancel after 30 days, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. If you choose the monthly payment option and decide to cancel before the end of the term, you will be billed for the balance of the yearly contract cost.


BAC may terminate your service contracts with no refund in the event any one of the following occurs:

  • Parts are no longer available from the original manufacturer, and there are no reasonably available alternate or interchangeable parts
  • Removal of a defective part or the installation of a replacement part by someone other than a BAC employee results in damage to the appliance
  • Removal of a piece of equipment by someone other than a BAC employee results in a safety hazard or an unsafe condition
  • Equipment is not used for its designed purpose
  • Failure by owner to properly maintain equipment or to replace any parts necessary to maintain the equipment in good condition, including cleaning or changing filters
  • Repair costs would be greater than the original value of the equipment
  • Service will not be provided and contracts can be cancelled if customer’s account is not in good standing

BAC shall have the right to terminate this service contract on 10 calendar days’ written notice if you materially breach or fail to perform any of your material obligations or responsibilities hereunder.


  • BAC strives to render prompt, efficient and courteous service. Our response time will be determined by scheduling appointments that consider public safety, existing workloads, the nature of the service call and weather conditions.
  • Work must be performed by BAC technicians. You will not receive credit or reimbursement for work performed, or parts installed, by other service providers under any circumstances.
  • All parts under warranty replaced by a BAC technician become the property of BAC without any allowance or rebate at the discretion of BAC. If BAC chooses not to take possession of the parts, it becomes the customer’s responsibility to dispose of them properly.
  • BAC reserves the right to use universal parts to repair your equipment.
  • Customers must supply safe and ready access to all covered equipment including but not limited to, adequate attic flooring and proper lighting and entry. BAC is not responsible for damage to attic ladders as a result of normal use. For safety reasons, your appliance will not be serviced if it is surrounded by standing water or it is located outside and weather conditions make service unsafe.
  • If in the process of repairing a covered part, noncovered parts are needed to complete the repair, the customer will be charged for the cost of the noncovered parts and our standard labor rate.
  • If a customer has exclusively either: (1) a heating service contract or (2) air conditioning service contract; and a part of their heating and air conditioning system is repaired or replaced while not in use under the contract in force (e.g., a part that requires replacement while being used for air conditioning by a customer with only a heating contract) the customer will be liable for the cost of the part repair or replacement, but BAC will cover the standard labor rate for the service call.


  • All covered equipment must conform to the requirements of the American National Standards Institute; be installed in accordance with local, state and federal codes; and satisfy both the manufacturer’s and BAC’s requirements for safe and proper installation.
  • Before accepting any equipment for coverage under the service contracts, BAC reserves the right to make an on-site inspection of the equipment.
  • To be eligible for coverage under the service contracts, equipment must be warranted by the owner to be in good operating condition, duly assembled and capable of functioning on the service contract’s effective date.
  • BAC reserves the right to deny or cancel coverage for certain equipment due to the non-availability of parts (including refrigerant), inaccessibility, and the condition of the equipment or worksite, damage by a third party or the age of the equipment.


  • Coverage is not transferable to another address. If you move, call Customer Services at 508-830-1230 to cover the appliances in your new home.
  • However, if a contract was paid in full for equipment that remains in operation at the premises, the unexpired term of coverage will be applied to the new owner/occupant of the premises at no additional charge. If a contract has not been paid in full, you will be billed for the remaining payments.
  • If you are selling your home, notify your realtor and closing agent. You may be able to recover costs.
  • If you choose the monthly payment option and decide to cancel before the end of the term, you will be billed for the remaining payments.


For your convenience and to ensure that your home is continuously covered, contracts will renew automatically at the end of each one-year period. BAC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and to change the contract price upon contract renewal.


If payments are missed or late, BAC may demand immediate payment of the entire amount owed or immediate payment of costs (labor and parts) for all services provided, less any payments made to BAC.

Service will not be provided, and contracts can be cancelled if a customer’s account is not in good standing.


The following items are excluded from contract coverage but may be available for an additional charge:

  • Appearance and trim parts, and accessory components, such as humidifiers and electronic air filters
  • Appliance shut-off valves, piping, flex connectors and fittings external to unit
  • Cleaning soot out of, and off of, appliances and flues
  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, vandalism, negligence, fire, freezing, power or water supply outages, flooding, faulty design, improper installation, leaks from piping, humidifiers, lightning, power surges, acts of God and other conditions beyond control of BAC
  • Damage due to failure to maintain equipment
  • Facilities used for commercial purposes
  • Finish defects, rusting, corrosion, chipped porcelain or porcelain flaws, exterior housing or component failure resulting from rust or corrosion on any appliance or piece of equipment
  • Heat exchangers, compressors, evaporator coils, condenser coils and refrigerant metering devices
  • Materials and labor for any service that is additional to that specified in the service contract, such as sheet metal work, electrical house wiring, moving or relocating equipment
  • Mold cleanup or remediation
  • Pre-existing conditions, which include anything that was wrong with your appliance at the time you signed up for the service contract
  • Preventive maintenance and general inspection
  • Recording of BAC employees by video or audio devices is prohibited
  • Seasonal startups (extra charges apply)
  • Service will not be provided and contracts can be cancelled if customer’s account is not in good standing
  • Unit replacements
  • Water filters or water filtration equipment
  • Water storage tanks


  • Replacement of standard batteries is not covered, but may be provided for an additional charge.
  • Parts not covered in this contract may be ordered and installed by BAC, when available, for an additional charge at our standard repair rates.
  • If the water heater manufacturer recommends replacement of unit after flammable vapor ignition resistance (FVIR) system fails, the water heater will be deemed not repairable.


BAC warrants that, subject to the terms and conditions stated herein, BAC will repair or replace the appliance parts, or equipment component parts covered under the service contract, that become inoperable as a result of normal wear and tear.

BAC makes no other express or implied warranties or guarantees of any kind. Any implied warranties or guarantees are expressly disclaimed. Under no circumstances shall BAC be liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from the failure or inoperability of equipment or systems in excess of the payment received by BAC under this agreement.

BAC also shall not be liable for any damages or harm to persons or property caused by delays, failure to service, malfunctioning of the equipment, unavailability of parts, labor difficulties, acts of nature or other conditions beyond its control.


Total liability for tort, contract and other damages shall not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). This limitation of liability shall apply to all claims against BAC in the aggregate (not per incident) and together with the disclaimer of warranties above shall survive failure of any exclusive remedies provided in this agreement.



  • Aquastat
  • Automatic air vents†
  • Backflow preventer replacement†
  • Belt and pulley
  • Blower motor/ECM motor (Parts not to exceed $400)*
  • Blower wheel
  • Burners
  • Circulator pump****†
  • Circuit board/ignition control
  • Cleaning sight glass, bleeding air from radiators and hydronic heating systems†
  • Condensate pump on a condensing furnace/boiler
  • Drain valves†
  • Emergency switch
  • Expansion tank (bladder type only) – for heat and hot water
  • Fan and limit control
  • Flue dampers
  • Gas valve
  • Hydronic zone control board
  • Ignition system
  • Inducer motor and assembly (original part only, excludes sidewall venting kits)**
  • Internal wiring
  • Limit controls
  • Low-water cutoffs†
  • Outdoor temperature sensors
  • Pilot Assembly/Igniter
  • Pressure relief valve†
  • Pressure temp gauge†
  • Pressure switch
  • Pressuretrol/pigtail assembly†
  • Relay
  • Thermocouple
  • Thermopile
  • Thermostat (non-wifi/non-communicating, non-mercury only)***
  • Thermostat backplate
  • Transformer
  • Zone valve (up to 2 only)**

*Year-round blower motor coverage requires both a heating and cooling service plan.
**Parts not covered can be replaced by BAC at standard repair rates.
***Does not include thermostats that utilize internet, router or any communicating devices. Customers who wish to upgrade their thermostat may do so at an additional fee.
****One circulator pump and assembly per boiler.
† Work will only be covered under the contract if there is a backflow preventer and/or shut-off valve currently installed. If there is no backflow preventer you must have one installed for an additional fee at normal rates. BAC is not responsible for the backflow preventer or water pressure reducing valve once the boiler is drained, or any water leaks that might occur during the course of the repair. Circulator pumps, flanges, bronze pumps and basement loops off of a steam boiler system are not covered.

Parts Excluded

  • Accessory components, such as humidifiers, electronic air filters, duct zone dampers and controls
  • Annual inspections or preventative maintenance
  • Any batteries, whether standard or hardwired
  • Anything in the potable water system
  • Boiler maintenance kits
  • Circuit breakers and external wiring
  • Cleaning and replacing air filters
  • Descaling, flushing, purging or skimming ofboiler water
  • Domestic hot water coil
  • Drain pans – primary or secondary
  • Expansion tank (ceiling mounted)
  • Flues and piping
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heat transfer fluid (antifreeze)
  • Manifold assembly
  • Mini split systems
  • Natural gas house-heating units rated at inputs above 400,000 British thermal units (Btus)
  • Natural gas house-heating units serving more than a two-family residence
  • Smart thermostats*
  • Soot removal
  • Tjernlund, flair, other sidewall venting kits, motors and assemblies
  • Does not include replacement of unit

*Includes thermostats that utilize internet, router or any communicating devices. Customers who wish to upgrade a thermostat may do so at an additional fee.



  • Belts
  • Blower motor/ECM motor
  • Circuit boards
  • Clean and repair condensate line (only if line is visible and accessible)
  • Condenser fan motor/blade
  • Condensate pump
  • Contactor
  • Defrost cycle relay (heat pump)
  • Dye
  • External crankcase heater
  • Fuse
  • Low ambient temperature control (only if installed)
  • Low-voltage wiring (only if wiring is exposed and accessible)
  • Motor speed control
  • Relays
  • Run capacitor
  • Start capacitor
  • Thermostat (non-wifi/non-communicating)***
  • Time delay controls
  • Transformers
  • Wet switch (only if installed)

*Year-round blower motor coverage requires both a heating and cooling service plan.
**If unit needs refrigerant added more than once, subsequent injecting will be completed only after a thorough leak investigation at BAC rates.
***Does not include thermostats that utilize internet, router or any communicating devices. Customers who wish to upgrade a thermostat may do so at an additional fee.

Parts Excluded

  • Accessory components such as electronic air filters, duct zone dampers and controls
  • Any repairs that require accessing the refrigerant system, including leak investigation, leak repairs, internal blockages and all internal component replacements
  • Annual inspections or preventative maintenance
  • Cleaning and replacing of air filters
  • Cleaning evaporator coil
  • Compressors
  • Condenser or evaporator coils
  • Circuit breaker or electrical wire
  • Refrigerant
  • Drain pans – primary and secondary
  • Mini split systems
  • Refrigerant metering devices
  • Refrigerant piping (line sets)
  • Residential air conditioners/heat pumps above five tons
  • Smart thermostats*
  • Does not include replacement of unit

*Includes thermostats that utilize internet, router or any communicating devices. Customers who wish to upgrade a thermostat may do so at an additional fee.

Note: Outside temperatures, excessive attic temperatures and/or inclement weather may prevent the completion of air conditioning repairs until conditions permit.

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